What according to You is a Soothing Song and Why does it strike a chord in You?

I am certain that many of you would have such a song/tune to share,close to your heart, and spontaneously rings in a connect…??

 Record it in your voice or instrument and mail it to us….. and, most likely…..


Your song could become the “Song of the Week”, on “thewellness.blog” homepage

How to go about it?

  • Record the song in your voice or on your instrument.
  • Email it to worldofwellness@yahoo.com, with the Subject line as Your Name :”Song of the Week Contest”  (for ex. Tom:Song of the Week Contest)
  • Please share a brief introduction of the song, not exceeding 4-5 sentences.
  • The Song may extend up to a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Avoid using too many background instruments as the originality and freshness of your voice may get subdued.
  • Genre and Language of the audio is of your choice. No restrictions on the same.
  • The shortlisting of your audio would take into consideration: Melody, Tune and Pitch.  The decision taken by the Admin will be Final.
  • The day and date of your song, to be played on our website will be conveyed to you through email, post selection.
  • And lastly, this is a wellness initiative,Your Voice too is capable of facilitating wellness descend on the listeners. So kindly do keep the recording Authentic… and Virus free :)

Good Luck and let the music flow :)

Warm Regards

Team Wellness.

  1. First Winner of the Contest: D. Vijaya Kumar from Vellore. The song chosen by him is a tamil song, tuned and originally rendered by Musical Maestros Ilayaraja and S. Janaki. It surely has a soothing effect on the listener owing to its simplicity and melody.

Congratulations Mr. VijayaKumar!!!

2.  Second Week’s Winner of the Contest: Archana Menon, Bangalore.

About the Song, From the Singer’s desk:

“I first heard this song from the movie ‘Swati Thirunal’ – a Malayalam movie about the life of King Swati Thirunal. In the movie it is sung by Arundhati and KJ Yesudas. I used to love listening to it, especially the part sung by Yesudas. The bhava here is ‘Shringara’. The song always has a soothing effect on me.

Another aspect is the lyrical beauty of the song, which is more like a poem in Sanskritised Malayalam.”

Congratulations Archana Menon!!!!


3. Third Week’s Winner of the Contest: Shalini Simha, Sydney, Australia

About the Song, From the Singer’s desk:

I have rendered a favourite song from the Kannada movie nammura mandara hoove originally rendered by K.S Chitra and music by Ilayaraja and lyrics by Kalyan. This song has given me immense pleasure and peace.

Congratulations Shalini Simha!!!!


4. Fourth Week’s Winner of the Contest: Priya Karthik

About the Song, From the Singer’s desk:

It’s composer is Imaan sir…I have tried in karaoke…Hope u all like it…It’s a very good platform for the upcoming singers…thank you.

Congratulations Priya Karthik!!!!

5. Fifth Week’s Winner of the Contest: Keerti Kalluraya, Bangalore

This week’s winner is my favorite pick, Keerti Kalluraya (10 years old) from Bangalore. The song she has chosen is a song, full of energy, from the movie, Dear Zindagi. Listen to the song on our home page.

About the Song, From the Singer’s desk:

6. Sixth Week’s Winner of the Contest: K. Sunitha, Bangalore
About the Song, From the Singer’s desk:
Hi Team Wellness
Thanks for your initiative :)
This is my song frm BaajiRao Mastani movie :)
I love the classical flavour of the song :)



Congratulations K. Sunitha!!!!!
7. Seventh Week’s Winner of the Contest: Shri Nithya, Bangalore
About the Song, From the Singer’s desk:
Hi I am Shri Nithya, a student. Music is my passion. This song is composed by Kanakadasaru and I like singing this song because I like the raaga, in which this song is composed,HindoLa. It is one of my favorite Ragas!.
Congratulations Shri Nithya!!!!!
8. Eighth Week’s Winner of the Contest: Aditi Puttige, Hyderabad.
Listen to the Flute Recital in raaga Bilahari, on our ‘Home page’ by 14yrs old Aditi.P from Hyderabad.
About the Song, From the Singer’s desk:
The song, I have played is Kodanda Rama in Bilahari raga. I really like the tune of the song and the raga Bilahari. It always makes me happy!
Congratulations Aditi!!!!!


Team Wellness