About Team Wellness

World of Wellness is an endeavor of a maverick couple who decided to move away from the routine and predictable into apparent uncertainty and chaos.

From the plush interiors of an office cabin to a WFH desk!!
Letting Go of steady finances to enduring volatile income
Embracing Self-Belief over Opinions of Nay-Sayers

When people live their passion, no goal remains a dream…Coaching was a Passion that bound them both.

World of Wellness is the result of this Entrepreneurial Spirit & Passion !!

World of Wellness is a space where Human Interaction matters, where YOU Matter!

Entries by Team Wellness

Are you that ? The fallacy of language

People often make statements like ” I am depressed”. Analyzing this statement, one can infer that the individual exists not, it is only depression that exists. Extending the same inference, people should make a statement like ” I am happiness” when they are feeling elated or happy… Do they? Rather they make a statement like […]


The Trip

The Wanderer was excited. After all, this was a trip that he was looking forward too. A trip across the vast and rugged terrains. A trip that he had visualized many times over, in his mind. He had packed himself adequately for this journey. Travelling alone, he was sure that the items he had packed […]

The Journey of Life

  Life is a Journey While you are on the Journey, Enjoy the Journey Walk the journey at your own pace Travel the journey at your pace Use the journey to find your space Remember, there is no race!! So walk the journey at your own pace Travel as many journeys as you can Travel […]

Along Came a Virus

To upset the apple-cart of global human ritualism, monotony and predictability, escaped a virus. Perhaps from a land where people live and eat practically anything that lives and moves!! Perhaps the virus wanted to escape to the greener pastures of a more democratic setup, where it could move around freely and experience its true power […]

Where is your Mask

Wear Your Mask was all the Ask Yet it seemed such a Tall Task… Attending rallies of an election Picking a member for selection To tend to issues local Ignoring the unseen that was focal in causing a havoc so global Wear Your Mask was all the Ask Yet it seemed such a Tall Task […]