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A dreamer, who from a window seat of a rail bogey, enjoys staring at the infinite plain lands, re-living images captured by the eyes, amused by a dogs yawn and its trot.. moved by a cows gaze and fascinated by the trail of army ants kissing each other to glory...
I am not sure if slow n steady wins the race.. there is no race if you ask me....but certainly slow and steady has its own grace...

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A word-play between Polarities

Avoid getting attached to polarities. They come and go. They are much like chameleons. They Change colour and position rather very quickly. Try sticking to one and you’ll find yourself at the other. The below word-play scenarios should drive home the point… Positive is typically a good state to be in, unless it Covid positive. […]


Relationship Essentials – One liners you need to know

Marriage -A Domestication Process designed by Society Children – Evidence that the laptop and mobile radiations haven’t affected your reproductive organs yet!! Nag– The quality that sets in when the anatomy begins to Sag Intercourse – That which is inversely proportional to the number of years in marriage Affair – The polygamous Mind breaking free […]

An Ode to the Common Cold

Gone are the days when the common cold was treated with common disdain. Talking about Originality, With a Made in China Virus finding its way out from the labs of China, a sneeze too is, now looked upon or rather looked down with a sinister stare and code Red Alert. I wonder whether The “Bless […]

Mask while you are and you can!!

It’s raining Masks, after-all its the season of Masks, thanks to some virus leaking itself out from some Chinese Lab. Viruses and Secrets can’t be kept contained for long, they manage to sneak out. Alas such a simple truth is unknown to the idiots who produce them in the first place!! Learned yes, intelligent No!! […]

1 Simple Tip to Problem Solving

Many a time we experience a problem, or perhaps an undercurrent of a problem within us and yet we can’t exactly pinpoint the problem nor can we explain it!! What this also implies is that perhaps we can explain the problem vaguely, imperfectly, in bits and pieces perhaps?? We can sense it, but can’t latch […]