The Secret to a great Conversation, sans Tolerance

Tolerate intrinsically implies a “limit”. Imagine you are a cup and folks around you pour into the cup, their views that maybe against or diverging with your views. You tolerate. You can only tolerate to a certain extent and no more. If…


Article penned by Sqn.Ldr.H Srinivasan(Retd).... It is always a pleasure for the old to ramble, when they spot a keen pair of ears to listen to them. It feels so free and friendly to banter, rather than sermonise. Whatever I offer to…
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A Dog's Perspective!!

A perspective on Human Life, from a blessed Dog I sleep well on a rock...I have heard that man often fails to fall asleep on a mattressI have also heard that man often fails to sleep with a sleeping pillI ponder at times...What a funny animal…

A simple way to Stop Overthinking and Managing Anxiety

Imagine that you need to catch an early morning 5 am flight!! You decide that you need to leave at 3 am. You pat yourself for the good planning. Suddenly the mind throws up a query? What if the taxi doesn’t turn up? You tell…


In India, its Diwali. And people are quite literally having a blast of a time. Some crackers behave within the framework by being moderately loud, while some others are obnoxiously loud, much like humans ;-) The World today seems to be primarily…

Know Thyself-An Osho Quote!!

Know thy neighbor is more appealing and interesting perhaps, but sooner than later, it is in one's own interest to Know Thy Self. Curios, Read on further

1 simple way to get Creative

Any form of movement, helps in creativity and also helps in expressing the creative flowers to blossom. That’s one of the reasons for dance and sports and arts to be so popular. Walking too qualifies!! Man’s body is intrinsically…
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What the luck?

Does Luck Exist? Or does it not? Is it simply a figment of ones imagination or is something experienced in an experiential manner? Read on to know more

Trump's World Psychology - The balls-point theory

Till date... it is only human psychology that's been attempted to be understood.. For the very first time in the history of an attempt being made to understand World Psychology...Brief and Concise.. No lengthy forewords by world…