To be of a flexible or fixed mindset?

Typically, learning happens by contrast. Having seen the black, it becomes easier to understand white Having experienced the pain, it becomes easier to value joy With regards to mindset as well, it is this contrast that will help…
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The Secret to Control Your Thoughts

Is there are a "Secret to Control Your Thoughts" Lets try it out. Don’t think of a Mango… Perhaps you have already imagined it… Doesn’t matter. Here is another example Don’t think of Sex Perhaps, your…
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Discovering the Silence in the Noise

The smallest of changes and the mind takes note A tickle from a feather and we awake The smallest discomfort in the body and it registers The dog barks and we whine The faintest whisper in the class and the teacher…

Trump's World Psychology - The balls-point theory

Till date... it is only human psychology that's been attempted to be understood.. For the very first time in the history of mankind...is an attempt being made to understand World Psychology...Brief and Concise.. No lengthy forewords by world…
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Don't be Happy 24*7

In the Digital Age, solutions for happiness hit us from every possible medium, be it Facebook, WA or any other medium."Happiness is the Goal". Nothing can be farther than the truth, but it does serve as a start point from a societal perspective... These…

What's your Question

Man is a conversationalist... He loves to converse with others. If others are not available, then he loves to converse with himself, but converse he has to!! This conversing with oneself is good... nothing wrong in it. Sports personalities…

The Root of the Matter is !!

The Root of the Matter is "Beliefs"

Rewiring Your "Brain"

Man is NOT all white, rather he is Grey. Given this Man has two options, one option is to repress this reality or to acknowledge and bring in change for the better
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Discovering the Positive beneath the Negative!!

All of us think between polarities. All people either think for something or think against something… There is nothing right or wrong with it…nothing positive or negative about it… It is simply the way our minds are predominantly wired…