Weak or Strong?? Which side are you on!!

Is it the weak who feed off the strong or is it the strong who need the weak?? In the animal kingdom, is the strong who latch onto the weak Or is the weak who feed off the strong?? In the human kingdom too, who would…

Thou Are Ordinary

Existence and its Manifestation...."Life"is Ordinary... Absolutely Ordinary...Absolutely Uniform...Yet Absolutely Unique... All trees are ordinary...All flowers are ordinary... All Fruits are Ordinary... Yet Unique intrinsically and that's…

The Root of the Matter is !!

The Root of the Matter is "Beliefs"

Rewiring Your "Brain"

Man is NOT all white, rather he is Grey. Given this Man has two options, one option is to repress this reality or to acknowledge and bring in change for the better
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Discovering the Positive beneath the Negative!!

All of us think between polarities. All people either think for something or think against something… There is nothing right or wrong with it…nothing positive or negative about it… It is simply the way our minds are predominantly wired…
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The Chattering Mind...across Generations?

Were our ancestors subject to a less Chattering Mind?? Have there been monkeys which were calm and meditative?? Frankly, No..Not at all...(unless some of our ancestors in primate and human form were enlightened)  Mind in one dimension…

Should you avoid negative thoughts??

Imagine a nice day…it’s your day off…you are fully relaxed lying on the grass and gazing into a sky… with the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. You are feeling so deeply relaxed listening to the birds chirping, the soft breeze…

Why not to Conquer the Mind

Many a times people make a warrior like Statement..."It is all about conquering the Mind"... I just need to conquer my damned mind...These statements are worth analyzing more... The very statement about conquering the mind indicates that there…

Realize the Idiot in You!!

I am an idiot… that much I have realized… If a madman realizes that he is Mad, he is no longer mad.. With the very realization…he is sane…. Similarly once you realize that you have been an idiot… you no longer are…It drops…without…