The Human Virus called Corona

A Virus As a Service has hit us hard...Telling Mankind, Wake up you Retards!!!You play around with fireOne day I escape, and you face my ireWhether you believe or not in GodsI am ensuring that humanity is taken to the DogsYou spare no one,…
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Discovering the Silence in the Noise

The smallest of changes and the mind takes note A tickle from a feather and we awake The smallest discomfort in the body and it registers The dog barks and we whine The faintest whisper in the class and the teacher…

3 Secrets of Life

Smile Smile, not only for the album Smile also at the country bum Smile for no reason You can't be tried for treason Hum Hum, not only for the song Hum along the temple gong Hum, Just for You Hum something…

How to miss an Opportunity

A day that comes only once in 4 years just arrived and passed us by... and nothing happens And then we have a day that comes year on year and the world goes crazy!! Are the Marketing Agencies missing something?? Something similar is with…
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A Dog's Perspective!!

A perspective on Human Life, from a blessed Dog I sleep well on a rock...I have heard that man often fails to fall asleep on a mattressI have also heard that man often fails to sleep with a sleeping pillI ponder at times...What a funny animal…

Know Thyself-An Osho Quote!!

Know thy neighbor is more appealing and interesting perhaps, but sooner than later, it is in one's own interest to Know Thy Self. Curios, Read on further

1 simple way to get Creative

Any form of movement, helps in creativity and also helps in expressing the creative flowers to blossom. That’s one of the reasons for dance and sports and arts to be so popular. Walking too qualifies!! Man’s body is intrinsically…
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Does Luck Exist? A Sporting Example

Does Luck Exist? Or does it not? Is it simply a figment of ones imagination or is something experienced in an experiential manner? Read on to know more

Science in the Service of Religion

Science and Religion aren't separate. As a matter of fact, it is often Science that invokes religion, heaven and hell or at-least forces one to ponder upon them!! Not sure yet?? Read on further to dispel any doubts... Just friends were…