Images are powerful….They operate at multi-dimensional layers of the human mind ecosystem…
They evoke memories…. They bring to life emotions…
They help dissolve boundaries…They help transcend time
They also can trigger inferences and imaginations …and bring to life as many stories and interpretations as the number of viewers…
Through this particular blog post and subsequent ones, I would post a photograph and request the readers to please share the waves of thoughts, imaginations, metaphors, stories or emotions, the image triggered for each one of you.
Length of your response is not a constraint, let the thoughts simply flow. Can be brief, Can be concise.. Some may be gentle ramble… Let the thoughts and emotions triggered within …find a manifest partner through words.. Your story, Your world and Your words can be expressed in the comments section and can be re-blogged as well.
No themes, No Key words around which the story is to be built or confined… it simply knocks…tugs the viewers imagination and creativity to burst and dance with words…creating a relation more vibrant than the rainbow….
So here goes the first such pic…#1-What does the pic convey to you??

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  1. radhikasreflection
    radhikasreflection says:

    An small time railway station where life moves at a leisurely pace. No hectic frenzy or mad rush for the day. A handful of passengers using it for travel. The dog idling away and watching the limited action happening there.
    This is my take. Don’t know if this is what was required ??

  2. Flashing Thought
    Flashing Thought says:

    Memories of long ago triggered by the picture of a dog waiting are haunting me.A lonely dog waiting patiently on a lonely railway platform.
    When i was a small boy,… seems so long ago,…. i read a story. It was about a dog waiting. It was waiting for its master.
    The master was staying in a small village in a hut. He was alone, and lonely. The dog was his friend. So was the dog.It had only one person in its lonely world. It was his master. They were companions, companions in their small world, Insuperable in their bondage.
    Each day the master would go to a nearby town for work. He would go by the morning train. The dog would follow his master to the railway station to see him off, wagging his tail to say bye.Then he would trot back to the hut.
    The evening train would bring the master back. The dog would be there on the platform eagerly, waiting to receive his master.The master was happy to see his companion, wagging his tail with joy. Both would walk back to the hut in silent communion.
    This went on for years…..and then….then one day the master went to the town as usual, The dog saw him off. He was back on the platform in the evening waiting for the master to arrive by the usual train.. The master was not there in the train.
    The dog was puzzled. It ran up and down the platform along the length of the train, searching. Searching for his only master.The master was nowhere to be seen…….
    The story has a bitter ending. The dog would come every evening to receive the master without fail. The master was not in the train. The dog would patiently wait for him, day after day, month after month,
    Years passed. The dog grew old. One evening it dragged itself to the station, weary and, tired but still with hope. Hope in its in its old eyes to find its master. The master did not come.
    The train steamed away and disappeared. So did the hope in the old dogs eyes……, blanked by death.
    That night the little boy in me wept with tears drenching my pillow.
    Tonight, years later, as an old man, i know, i wont be able to hold back my tears.
    I still don’t know why or for whom?

  3. DeepikasRamblings
    DeepikasRamblings says:

    My eyes were moist while I read the touching story above…
    My memories date back to my journey with family….Dogs are a common sight on railway stations in India anyways…As kids, when we had to undertake travel, mom would pack idlis or chapatis for the dinner. Often times, the poor eater that I was, would often end up not eating my share of the food fully. And the dogs on the railway platform would come to my rescue. As the leftover food was not wasted, mom was fine with it and I was thrilled looking at the dog gulping down food given by me. This lone dog on a railway platform, reminded me of the dogs I fed… Looks like this is waiting for its share of food ??

  4. sarahahmed77
    sarahahmed77 says:

    This picture reminds me of a dog at my previous workplace when i used to work at a Cold laser clinic,the dog was a female belonging to my CEO,she was a pampered pet ,was given boiled chicken and rice daily.It was my first experience interacting with a pet dog on a daily basis,as soon as we entered the clinic in the morning she would come and greet each one of us working there,she would also show her emotions ,that is when i realized that a dog too had emotions but not many people understand it.Her name was ” Sweety” and she was sweet but could be ferocious too especially towards people wearing brown clothes.Sweety was well looked after,going for regular visits to the vet too.She had undergone surgery for a tumor.I was surprised to know that Sweety and i shared the same birthday 2nd of December.I have seen Sweety when she was feeling guilty and hiding under the sofa while being rebuked for something she did ,when she was feeling proud and barking while traveling in the car,when she was excited during a get together and when she was unwell and sitting quietly in a corner.I began to see Sweety as a female being ,going through changes in moods and emotions as a human lady does.One day she came and sat down on my feet refusing to get up for about an hour.It was a wonderful warm feeling.Due to unavoidable circumstances the clinic had to shift to another location and i could no longer continue to work there. The railway tracks in the picture seem to be a metaphor for Sweety and me going apart. I was still in touch with Sweety through the Facebook updates posted by my CEO.We knew that Sweety was not well from quite some time.One day we got the news that she passed away.It was sad news.I would never be able to have anymore memories with her.Life had to go on.The railway tracks in the picture made me realize that some people / animals that go apart from you never come back in your life again.This is a fact of life.Miss you Sweety..

    • says:

      Thanks Sara, it is indeed a very deep rapport and bonding you shared with Sweety. The thing with pets is they grow on you in a very silent manner….with Sweety lying near your feet, being an example…
      On a lighter note though, I am still trying to figure her allergy to the colour brown :), but that’s how even humans are wired at times :)….


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