Images are powerful…. They operate at multi-dimensional layers of the human mind ecosystem…
They evoke memories…. They bring to life emotions…
They help dissolve boundaries…They help transcend time
They also can trigger inferences and imaginations …and bring to life as many stories and interpretations as the number of viewers…
Through this particular blog post and subsequent ones, I would post a photograph and request the readers to please share the waves of thoughts, imaginations, metaphors, stories or emotions, the image triggered for each one of you.
Length of your response is not a constraint, let the thoughts simply flow. Can be brief, Can be concise.. Some may be gentle ramble… Let the thoughts and emotions triggered within …find a manifest partner through words.. Your story, Your world and Your words can be expressed in the comments section and can be re-blogged as well.
No themes, No Key words around which the story is to be built or confined… it simply knocks…tugs the viewers imagination and creativity to burst and dance with words…creating a relation more vibrant than the rainbow….
Do you see a convergence or a divergence in the above picture?
Does this pic possibly generate a feeling of coming home or a going away?
Do the sounds trigger any visualizations, any story to unfold?
Let your thoughts, your story flow….

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  1. radhika_vasanth
    radhika_vasanth says:

    As I sat at the railway station, thoughts and memories flowed in. Memories of the days Pa came to drop me, dragging a huge bag of my favourite food that my Ma forcefully packed for my stay at the city. It didn’t mean much then.
    But today, as I sat waiting for the train, with Pa not beside me, urging me to study well, or Ma’s bag that’d keep me from being homesick, do I realise the need of their love that came in every way possible!
    As I sat with memories clouding my brain, I thought, “How different is our life from these railway tracks and the train that runs on them?”
    Not much, if you ask me.
    Well, the railway lines are just like the plans we make. Plans that might define our way of living. But we forget that there are so many crossings that’ll come our way that might completely deviate our life from how we planned it.
    When you stand on one side of the tracks, and look, you’ll only see a distance. And we think our plans are for the long run!
    For us to make it to through life, I think taking up the opportunities that come our way is important. Just like boarding a train. A train is the only thing that can take us past the distance we see. Once missed, one must wait. Patiently.
    Today, I sit with so many regrets. Had I come back after my studies, I’d have probably been there for my parents in their last days. My “long term planning” sure didn’t work.
    With regret taking over my plans, did I learn to accept life as the precious one which just goes on and on just like those railway tracks. And whose plans should not only include the satisfaction of the ego and pride, but also love that should be pinned to the top of the list.
    The screeching noise of the train brought me back from the trail of thoughts. As I bid goodbye to my town, I promised myself that I’d return, not as the person I am today. But as a better one. Just like the one my Pa had dreamed me to be.

  2. says:

    Dear Radhika Vasanth
    Your narration is really very touching.
    I can very much understand that it wasn’t easy for you to realize the value of love, this way. But, sometimes life gives us lessons in a harder way. I am also sure, the realization through regrets has made you much determinant a person, than you were before.
    Wishing you all the very best
    Team Wellness

  3. Flashing Thought
    Flashing Thought says:

    Lonely. Lonely in this world i live in.
    I sit under a lonely tree at the end of the long platform..I see two sets of tracks. They are parallel stretched in the sombre emptiness of the platform and curved onward.. Nobody is walking around or, waiting..No hawkers with their carts..Barren as my dead mind. .
    . I watch the tracks, running parallel. to each other.My line of sight follow them . They are straight, and then they curve, they curve to meet, and become one.
    I wait. Wait for things to happen. Slowly they do..The people saunter in one by one. some carry huge loads of baggage. some carry their children. The hawkers , come on , hawking wares. Suddenly the dead station comes to life. The bell rings signalling the arrival of the train. The passengers brace up, getting ready to squeeze into the train, whistling in. There is a harsh noise of metal against metal as the train stops .
    Hundreds of humans in all attires, rush in to the train to get a place. Looking at the colourful dresses of the ladies, and the flutes and drums the gents are carrying, shows that they are going to attend a mela,. A mela to.celebrate. Celebrate life with their songs and dances.
    The engine gives a shrill whistle and starts and strains to pull the long train. Slowly and steadily, it picks up the rhythm as the trains picks up speed . so do the passengers on their journey on wards
    in their lives..
    I sit under the lonely tree on the platform and watch the world go by..
    Time stands still for me, .
    , ..i.

  4. HealwithSarah
    HealwithSarah says:

    This picture makes me realize that our life is like the first railway track,keeps going on and then someone ( who was travelling on the other side,the second railway track) comes into our life and is a part of it. From this point the journey is the same for two people,but we dont know till when,maybe till the tracks diverge again and the other person continues on his/ her own path and i am left alone to continue the journey.

    • says:

      Hi Sara
      Beautifully expressed.
      The fragility of relationships/relations in Life is conveyed with such depth of thoughts through your interpretation.
      Thanks so much for your unique and interesting insight.
      Looking forward to your continued insights.
      Best Regards
      Karthik -Team Wellness


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