Purple via Daily Prompt: Purple
If one likes the colour green….
If  one is totally identified with the colour green…
Good… Perfect..
Now comes a colourful twist….
With such strong identification with green
Does one tolerate the presence of other colours..
Be it Red, Purple or Blue…
Or does one simply accept the presence of other colours
Which are none too few….
For don’t the myriad colours and creations of existence
Scattered, Dancing and Diverse…
Possibly merge into an Absolute Oneness…into that which is beyond colours….

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  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama
    gururaghavendrasevashrama says:

    an extremely subtle and simple way way of expression a beautiful truth..
    Yes, the sun’s bright ray beamed at a prism splits into seven colours. A rain bow across the dark sky has the same universal message.
    “All in one and one in all”


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