via Daily Prompt: Label
The mind loves to Label
As a matter of fact, for the Mind to Operate
It needs to Label
It Labels Taste,It Labels Touch…
It Labels Beauty… It Labels Fragrance
It also Labels People
As a friend or a Foe…As a Yes or a No…
It needs to do So….

A Friend
Or a Foe

But Do Remember
That just like how the Ganges or the Thames Flow
At times turbulent…At times slow…
Just like how the Moon Waxes and Wanes
So does Every Human worth his name
Experiences Emotive Swings none the same
Given this state of random and chaotic flux….
From dawn to dusk….
Be Aware
That Labels tend to get you stuck…
Labelling the ever Changing into a Static freeze
Perceiving the momentary as an everlasting breeze

optical illusion

Depends on the “Label” you assign…A Young Lady or Old?? What you See is often NOT  what you See…

It perhaps may help…
to Rip of the Labels every Night…
In order for one to sleep Tight…
And begin each day..just Right…
waking up
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