Ideating Thoughts come together to form a beautiful bouquet of roses. The multifarious compositions of poems and haiku in Eclectic Verses highlight the nuances of the many aspects of life.

Flowers, Bouquet, Blue, Muscari, Bloom

The themes in the book are universal, observing the human mind bubble with emotional brews, man’s effort to stay afloat against the overwhelming tides of today, appreciating the everlasting beauty in the transient landscape, finally culminating in experiencing inner peace.

Melange of musings

The Soulful voice of the Quill


About the Author

A Nature Lover, Baker, Volunteer and mother are the many facets of Radhika’s persoanlity. She debuts with her first book, using poetry as a medium to share her thoughts and reflections with the reader. After spending a decade as a teacher, she now utilizes her time in creative pursuits.She started sharing her writing through her blog,, in 2016. The encouraging respone from the readers motivated her to bring out this collection. Her diverse interests and interactions ,ranging from joyful daily moments to spirituality, are reflected in this collection of poems and haiku aptly titled Eclectic Verses.

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