Avoid getting attached to polarities. They come and go. They are much like chameleons. They Change colour and position rather very quickly. Try sticking to one and you’ll find yourself at the other. The below word-play scenarios should drive home the point…

Opposites, Thumb, Positive, Negative

Positive is typically a good state to be in, unless it Covid positive. In such times, a negative is a big positive.

At times, a B Negative person may be positive in his outlook, where as B Positive person may be completely negative

Pregnancy is positive in most cases. In the remaining cases, its often an unwarranted negative!!

A HIV negative is positive, where as HIV positive is negative

At times, a positive looking scenario may go negative all of a sudden, where as a negatively viewed scenario may suddenly turn into a pleasant unexpected positive

If the Devil is considered negative, and God is considered positive, don’t opposites attract?

A negative of a negative makes a positive, however a positive of a positive isn’t a negative. Positively discriminatory right?

People are often cheated when they fall for the positive exterior failing to detect the negative interior.

In a war, both sides see each other as negative

Try highlighting the negative in someone and you will positively get a negative review of your so called positive qualities

Only in a relationship, is the wife always ________?


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