Gone are the days when the common cold was treated with common disdain.

Talking about Originality, With a Made in China Virus finding its way out from the labs of China, a sneeze too is, now looked upon or rather looked down with a sinister stare and code Red Alert.

I wonder whether The “Bless You” wishes showered on the individual after a sneeze in the good old day’s is applicable anymore? 

Rather a Stay Home You ****, seems more relevant in today’s pandemic ridden world, for someone who dares a sneeze in public.

So here is a tribute to the good old common cold, who is sadly no longer welcome or blessed!!

It’s Very Very Old

Spares no one from its fold

Once it catches hold

Causes problems manifold

including many medications sold….

It remains unmoved even if you scold…

and liquidates misery untold

It is indeed very light

Yet makes one feel heavy

Between two outbursts is a lull

But its discharge is so very full

One ends up feeling hopelessly dull….

It spreads around with gay abandon

The smallest pretence is more than enough

A change in weather or the smell of feathers

Uncalled and Uninvited I attacked…

And yet the Gods name I attracted….

I am the existential cold,

Alas, Not welcome anymore

The Draft, Funny, Fictional Characters

IC- pixabay.com

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