In India, its Diwali. And people are quite literally having a blast of a time. Some crackers behave within the framework by being moderately loud, while some others are obnoxiously loud, much like humans ;-)

The World today seems to be primarily driven by the Obnoxiously Loud Ones, showing off their might hiding behind a pile of Nuclear Warheads and busy sniffing out Weapons of Mass Destruction having supplied them in the first place!!

Arm a monkey with a machine gun and then expect the Monkey to use it intelligently?? At times I wonder who is more Intelligent? The Supplier or the Supplied??


Is it that intelligence is the first pre-requisite to be sacrificed at the very onset of the Rat Race in Politics and for what? To arm monkeys and then facilitate a cease-fire between Monkeys?

Rat, Car, Racing Car, Green, Cartoon

The Yanks are more democratic in the sense that Obnoxiously Louder ones jostle for space in the White House whilst the Russians have to put up with Putin and the Chinese keep Pinging with Xi for Life!!

Guns cannot drive peace, yet that exactly seems to be the policy of “Piece” adopted by leaders whose world vision is limited to the tip of their Nose!!

Image result for xi vs putin cartoon

Buckle up Earthlings… Awake and Arise. Stop Preying and Start Praying.Pray to your respective Gods. Hopefully the most powerful of them can broker a “piece by piece” peace and rein in the intelligentsia

For if you don’t, you never know, how soon could it spell DOOM!! Some Intelligent or Unintelligent One sitting in the White Kremlin unbuttoning a wrong N-Button and BOOM. Pray it doesn’t land on YOU!!

PS – Europe will soon be included as soon as they untangle BREXIT. Till such time their Nuclear Policy is quite an Unclear One.

Further, whether the flight plan of British Missiles, if ever democratically launched with approval from the Parliament can actually transgress over EU space is something that will need to be considered by Boris or his successor and be debated in Parliament again!!

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  1. Flashing Thought
    Flashing Thought says:

    A blog to wake up the slumbering Rip Van Winkles and smell gun powder.
    As the author rightly portrays the scenario of political gaming,, with heads of states playing dumb charade,the world in tottering on the brink of a precipice.
    Extremely well written, with his witty quill, yet showing the mirror to the the citizens of the world to see the horrific reality.


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