It’s raining Masks, after-all its the season of Masks, thanks to some virus leaking itself out from some Chinese Lab. Viruses and Secrets can’t be kept contained for long, they manage to sneak out. Alas such a simple truth is unknown to the idiots who produce them in the first place!! Learned yes, intelligent No!!

Hands With Latex Gloves Holding a Globe with a Face Mask
Not the Mask of Zorro!!

Anyways, here is a marginally humorous take on Masks… After all, laughter is the best medicine isn’t it??

Psychologically, it makes one feel “Safe” or “Safer”.It quite literally “masks” the feeling of insecurity :)

Perhaps in most it induces a feeling of courage to venture out feeling safe.It acts, perhaps “placebo-ically” in some… A net/cloth covering the mouth tranquilizing the mind’s insecurity or safety concerns

Societally, it induces feelings of confidence and acceptability. Look, here is a person who is taking precautions by wearing a mask and is most likely common-sensical.

People Wearing DIY Masks

Environmentally, it helps us avoid inhaling polluted air thereby keeping respiratory ailments away.

Further, it saves a lot of folks from the effects of bad-breath or stinker farts.

Man in Black Suit Jacket Holding Woman in White Wedding Dress

Perhaps also acts like a gag from speaking too much unnecessarily. Further, it quite literally prevents politicians from putting their foot in the mouth. Its quite a different matter that Trump and Bolsonaro still manage to do it!! Terms and Conditions Apply anyone !!

Donald Trump, President, Silhouette

Physically, Wearing an elastic mask can make our ears more outward and pronounced, though the Mask borne individual may be an introvert!! So its like the Mind is an Introvert and his ears are Extroverts. It brings out the multiple dimensions in One-self

Lastly, here is clinching proof that the virus is indeed Chinese!!

Just like Chinese products flooding the world markets, this virus too has replicated and flooded itself through out the globe
Just like the Chinese Military’s historical and current aggression across multiple borders and unfortunate countries in its vicinity, this virus too has shoved and pushed itself across borders with impunity!!

Man in Brown Coat in Front of Books

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