I have often come across many interesting debates on whether there exists any such factor as “Luck”.

Recipients of “stroke of luck” will vouch for its existence, as they have experienced it, where as the not so lucky ones who haven’t experienced it are likely to deny it and rightly so…

However 2 recent sports events and the ones fortunate enough to have watched it, either in person or on the television would have surely seen “Lady Luck” in full display, in her magnificent splendor on 14th July 2019

The sporting events in consideration were the

The Wimbledon Men’s final between Roger Federer and Djokovic


ICC Cricket World Cup Finals between England and New Zealand

As both matches fluctuated wildly and people literally chewed up their nails and even the atheists briefly became theists in supporting their players, Lady luck herself seemed undecided on whom to favour.

In Tennis, she almost handed Roger Federer victory serving for the match in the deciding 5th set at 8-7 (40-15) on his own serve and then suddenly decided to desert Fedex and embrace the Djoker. All this split second decisions were obviously executed by her at speeds faster than Federer’s serve to eventually help Djokovic win the Championship

In Cricket, she famously mimicked and reused the “Hand of God Goal” into what I would call “Slide of Bat Four” to ensure that Brits didn’t face another “Brexit” in the last over or the Super Over for that matter and to top it all helped England win the World Cup on the 4’s count…

Slide of Bat Four

This cricket example is now my favorite analogy to ask students to emphasize on the importance of Class Room Unit Tests rather than focus on the final exams alone. You never know how Lady Luck would end up utilizing these, do you ?

Given the backdrop of these 2 magnificent sporting finales in London, and folks who have witnessed these, now certainly know for sure that there after-all exists a factor called Luck

And she is most certainly a lady, for she too, was undecided on the 14th of July on whom to side with…Shuffling between Lords and Wimbledon…Perhaps, she was following the dictum “While in London, be like the British -So she was rather “Undecided” to say the least. A bit here and a bit there… or Perhaps she liked all the teams and all the camps!!

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