The working of wind instruments is of special interest to me since I could draw an easy analogy between this and human body. This is a humble effort to put my understanding and analogy of the same.
Wind instruments like flute work on the principle of open air columns/open pipes. Explained generally in crude terms, when air is blown through one end of the flute, vibrations/waves set in, which travel the length of the flute body thus producing the sound of a particular frequency. The frequency of vibration or resonance is inversely dependent on the length of the resonating air column. So shorter the tube, higher is the frequency. This frequency is altered by stopping the air at different intervals, through holes on the flute body, thus basically controlling the length of the vibrating/resonating air column/flute body. You may have observed a flutist tapping/closing different holes to produce different notes. This is what I mean when I say stopping the air at different lengths. Vibrating air columns can be of different types, open, closed at one end, cylindrical, conical etc., the basic principle of producing sound being the same.

A similar analogy struck me when I was studying the above phenomenon. Isn’t our body also an air column, much more complicated though? I say this because, when we breathe, air inhaled from the nostrils circulates all over our body and thus it should become an air column. Then a series of questions/thoughts arose in my mind as, if this is so, do we resonate with a particular frequency? What is the source of the resonant frequency? Do we have a mechanism to control/alter the frequency, as in flutes where holes control the length of the column of air? So on and so forth.
chkrs n notes

In quest of an explanation for the above thoughts, I came across the above picture. Then a striking resemblance to the working of flute made me arrive at the following results.
Most of us have heard about the chakras in the human body. As I understand it, these are nothing but the different energy centers in the human body. Everything in the Universe is nothing but Energy, in different forms. These energy centers pick up vibrations from the air we inhale from the cosmos and resonate with a particular frequency, thus acting as the holes of a flute. The number of chakras (7) and the number of notes {sa, ri, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni- saptaswaras(7 notes)} is not a mere coincidence. Different swaras are produced when the air is tapped by different chakras. The mapping of the chakras to the saptaswaras is seen in the image above.

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  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama
    gururaghavendrasevashrama says:

    It is really amazing how interestingly the blogger has related the energy centers(chakras) in the human body to musical notes; the origin generated from the cosmos.
    No wonder Lord Krishna chose the flute to energise the world around him.with his mystic charm of notes from the celestial world.

  2. Binni
    Binni says:

    I used to think why lord krishna plays flute then I thought bout human body chakras . It is all about if we let god blow air through us then we can provide most harmonious and melodious vibrations to the universe . We just need to be flute of lord krishna / God .


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