The event was conducted in Blue Nile Counseling and Life Skills, #18, 1st Floor, Public Utility Building, MG Road, Bangalore, on 28th July 2017.
The workshop focused on:

  1. Identifying the various Stressors, causing Distress
  2. Intro to Raaga Therapy: An insight into therapeutic benefits of Music
  3. Rhythm and Raaga Convergence: A module for left and right brain stimulation
  4. Guided Music Meditation: Identifying and Addressing the Stressor causing the Stress and thereby achieving Total Relaxation

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The Workshop was attended by people from all walks of life, including Practicing Counselors,  IT professionals, Doctors, Defense Personnel and Homemakers. The Workshop provided a platform for unity of diverse professionals.
A hearty thanks from Team Wellness to each individual present in the Workshop. It was a highly energetic team. We look forward for an extended interaction in future with all the participants.
Hereby sharing a few snaps and reviews of the Workshop as shared by the participants,

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