1. Enhances the Cognitive abilities in children:             

The Wikipedia definition of Cognitive ability is: “the ability of an individual to perform the various mental activities most closely associated with learning and problem solving”.    brain on music
Memory, Reading, Writing, Reasoning,Grasping and Comprehension are a few mental activities that are most closely associated with learning and problem solving.
Music is one of the most natural ways in which all the above skills are activated without asking for it. Ex: Have you noticed, how quick does your child pick up a peppy song or a rhyme? How happily the child keeps singing the rhyme whole day? How many of us still cherish the old golden melodies? The memory bank of the brain remains fertile for those who are into creative arts like music, Dance, Drama, Art and Craft etc..

  2. Enhances the Motor Skills:
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The child shakes a leg, hand or both while singing his favorite song. He involves his entire body and enjoys the song. He knows exactly when to move his hand or leg or head or the entire body. He associates the action with the words of the song. Ain’t this an illustration of Motor Skill Development?

3. Enhances Spatial Thinking:
Seeing things through the mind’s eye is what is Spatial thinking, in simple terms. Ex: we visualize road maps even  before  we start traveling. We can very well imagine the shape of objects when we read their names as squares or rectangles or a cube. Music promotes Spatial Thinking naturally by its structure. Musicians associate a particular composition or pattern of musical notes to its Raaga/ TaaLa and  the entire structure of its presentation is processed in the brain, even before they start singing or playing. This starts right from the stages of initial lessons in Music.
4.Enhances the Emotional Intelligence:
music emoMost importantly, Music is a wholesome modality to nurture the emotional intelligence of your child. A child can very well relate a particular mood to a particular song.We can aide our children to improve their vocabulary of emotions by introducing them to various music, be it of any genre, thereby empowering them to express their emotions freely.

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  1. Priya Rao
    Priya Rao says:

    Well, I do believe that the concentration level has increased in my child who is learning music as a discipline art. Music also enhances memory and incorporates various techniques to establish a positive energy in the mind and body.


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