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1 on 1 Counselling

The World Loves to talk and We Love to Listen. These 1 on 1 interactions are modeled on the Carl Rogerian approach, blended with NLP & Hypnotherapy are held privately and in an atmosphere of confidentiality

These sessions are typically conversational in nature and are useful in

Man learns through challenges. Each individual faces his own unique set of challenges, be it in the personal, professional and environmental realms.

There appears no law governing the intensity of these challenges, nor the frequency of the challenges that crop up unexpectedly in the path of individuals.

At times a particular event or situation tends to overwhelm us. We are fully identified and consumed by the challenge that has hit us hard or caused us to topple over.

We may have tried multiple options, but nothing seems to work

At times, these challenges tend to leave the mind cluttered or scattered.

At times, these challenges tend to leave the mind burdened

At times, these challenges tend to leave the mind dejected and demotivated.

At times, these challenges tend to make life meaningless!!

1 on 1 Counseling

How would speaking to a Coach help

Speaking to a well-qualified Coach is in a way therapeutic in itself. A skilled coach can hand hold you to look at the problem from multiple perspectives.

When a problem is looked at from different perspectives, more often than not a new insight, a new hope, a new meaning, a new solution often arises!!

On What Life-Areas do we Coach

1 on 1 Counseling
  • Relationship Issues

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Anxiety Issues

  • Parenting Issues

  • Confidence Issues

  • Public Speaking Fear

  • Phobia

1 on 1 Counseling

Feedback from Shiji

After 15 years I started swimming recently. The Association and dissociation techniques helped me in this case.

I personalized and added some sub-modalities and recollected memories of my father who always a backbone for me. I had an unbelievable experience of positive vibration

I closed my eyes and jumped in water. I thought maybe I can’t do it. But I swam around 2 hours that day. Now almost every day, I am swimming at least half an hour

Feedback from Manik

I approached Karthik Rao in my personal capacity to help me cope with my long-standing claustrophobia and Herpetophobia, which hampered a lot of my day to day activities. I was not sure if anything would help me cope with my fears. But Mr Karthik’s sessions were incredible, where he helped me become more aware of my surroundings and incidents to mitigate the fear factor.

His therapy sessions never felt too personal or uncomfortable and his techniques to get over such phobias helped me understand how to deal with them.

I would recommend his service to anyone dealing with stress, phobias and to improve emotional and mental wellness.

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