Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)


The existence of forgetting has never been proved: We only know that some things don’t come to mind when we want them.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

I forget birthdays…

I am no good at names or numbers …

My memory is terribly screwed up…

My memory ditches me in the exam hall.

I remember the face, but not the name


If any of the above strikes a chord, or you realize that inadvertently you are nodding your head in agreement having read this, it is time to rejoice…You aren’t Abnormal…

There is no such thing as Bad Memory. It is simply that the data presented is in all likelihood is dull, drab, textual and plain boring…it doesn’t trigger or even tickle your brain’s memory buds.

However, all isn’t lost!! For creativity & fun are those vital values that make us Human… Learn to utilize these very values in a manner never imagined before…It is all about triggering your creative juices…

In today’s digital overdrive environment, it is also worthwhile to realize the importance of in-sourcing memory functions and these Accelerated Learning and Memory workshops facilitates exactly that, generating positively uplifting feelings of Confidence and Focus charting your path towards success.

People who decide are also the ones who are rewarded. So, hop on and ensure that you develop and possess a Razor-Sharp Memory for Life, for you and your loved ones


A smarter and fun way of developing and stretching your memory. Developed by Dr John Gardiner utilizing Multiple Levels of Intelligence.

For further comprehensive details, please download a comprehensive Accelerated Memory FAQ that we have specifically put together for your understanding. It’s free.

Accelerated Learning Programs FAQ Free Downloads

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