Corporate Coaching

Empowering Organizations with a winning Mind-frame

  • LSAW – Leadership and Sales Excellence @ Work

    Leadership & Sales Excellence is designed and built on:

Communication: Is it all about talking?
Decisions: What’s the overall picture like?
Rapport: Often spoken about, but hardly understood?
Goals & Vision: What Next? How do we excel further?
Sales: Your Product or Offering is good, but…
Empowerment: Creating Leaders for Tomorrow

  • Power NLP @Work

    (Recommended for Team Leads, Project Managers, Team Members and Individual Contributors) this workshop determines the glide path essentials for a smooth and successful transition from Machine Management to Man Management.

  • ICE– Innovation, Creativity & Expression @ Work

    a niche experiential workshop for Organizations that value Employee Creativity, for if you keep doing the same things, you keep getting the same results.

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Course

    – This course originates from the basics, progressing into the advanced modalities of Neuro-Linguistics.

Group Coaching
Group Coaching
Group Coaching
Group Coaching

Other Coaching Modules

Communication – The Doors to Understanding & Misunderstanding. Intra-Personal & Interpersonal Communication- “Listen to Win”

Building Rapport -Decoding Client Language Patterns & Filters

Presentation Skills – Speak to Influence. Techniques & Anchors for Confidence Building

Sustainable Goals -Well Formed Outcomes and Realizing Goals

Executing Decisions – Strategies & Effective Decision Making

1 on 1 Coaching – Deep Trans formative Coaching for Leaders with a Vision.

Stress Management with Music Therapy

Stress Management with Hypnotherapy

Prateek – Leadership Essentials

Glimpses:Leadership Coaching By Wow

Shima – Leadership Essentials

Group Coaching

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