Music Therapy


Music floats into those realms where language struggles.

The breath, the heartbeat, the pulse: every proof of ‘being alive’, is musical. There is harmony, there is a fixed rhythm and hence there is ‘life’ and ‘energy’. That’s is perhaps the reason music/sound is referred to as “Nada-Brahma” (“Nada” meaning sound/music and Brahman meaning creational/existential energy)”. Human body-mind is a flux of different energies at play, be it the energies associated with joy, sadness, anger, stress and so on.

These emotions and many more are abundant in the human mind. Listening to music during happy times stimulates positive vibrations in the body-mind ecosphere. Listening to it during a stressful state of mind can be equally cathartic. In any emotional state an individual experiences, it helps calm or even tranquillizes the mind and a tranquil mind is meditative.

It’s believed that music is a complete tool which activates the whole human body and mind, since it engages both, the physical body and the Metaphysical mind totally, thus helping achieve a balance between the two. A balanced body-mind is a treasure of positivism.

Indian music is so designed by our ancestors that the 72 mainstream(Melakarta) ragas in the Carnatic system of music are supposed to be associated with 72000 naadis(associated with the nervous system on a physical level) of a human body. Naadis are considered those channels which carry the life energy, Praana. Certain ragas sensitize certain naadis in the body and hence are therapeutic, as far as human body-mind is concerned.Scientifically speaking, The system of rhythm (tala) works on the logical part of the brain while ragas work on the emotional part of the brain.

Music Therapy
Music Therapy
Music Therpay

Applications of Music Therapy

  1. Corporate Stress Management Workshops:  Stress Management using Music Therapy is our in-demand specialized services.
  2. Social & Corporate Music Programs:  We collaborate with event management firms for Fusion Music shows & concerts.
  3. Pre Natal and Post Natal care:  Music Therapy is an excellent medium of expression during pregnancy as it aides in handling the anxiety, depression and other mood swings, commonly occurring during pregnancy.
  4. Music Therapy Awareness workshops:  We conduct a day long workshop on “What and Why” of Music Therapy to increase the awareness and importance of Music Therapy amongst individuals.
  5. Music Therapy for Differently abled children and Geriatrics.

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    Music Therapy Feedback – Amiya Tripathi

    Thank you Vinaya for such a wonderful, session on “INTEGRATION OF MUSIC THERAPY INTO COUNSELLING”
    It was indeed a comprehensive learning of the chakra and raga association with human chakras. Role of music in healing (balancing the distortion’s in specific chakra(s) is something new that we learnt from you.
    Sincerely admire your knowledge and research in the subject. I am sure this will be one of the main method of treatment by the Therapist and counsel in the coming days.
    Wish you all the best in spreading this awareness.

    Music Therapy Feedback – Anand Mohan

    I am extremely happy in writing this testimonial for your service extended to Landmark Group during August 2018 as part of MAX Lets Talk Retail.

    Being the first session of the year, we wanted it to be very inspiring for our employees. My first choice was Ms Vinaya Karthik Rao. When I called her for her appointment, she accepted the request with commendable enthusiasm and invested a lot of time in understanding the context of the session. Her music therapy session was mind-blowing and made most participants to request her for a repeat performance, which she very kindly accepted. The best part of this music therapy session was her ability to bring in a discussion about the experience and benefits of listening to music to de-stress. All employees shared great feedback and wanted more sessions from her. I thank Ms Vinaya for her service on music therapy and wish her to keep up the good work.

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