Presentation & Public Speaking Skills Mastery

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Mastery – Coaching Modules designed for Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs and Students.

In a world that is increasingly driven,impacted and influenced by the spoken word, the criticality of Presentation & Public Speaking Skills cannot be emphasized enough.

Presentation Skills, often quite suddenly, sprout up as an essential metric in career advancement. Professional growth seems hinged on Mastery of this skillset. Your professional success tends to be often defined and recognized by the skillset you display when attention is “focussed” on You.

A Few Practical Scenarios

Do you clamp down and become extremely conscious when many eyes are focussed on you, evaluating every word that you speak?

Do you feel judged every moment you are out there?

Sensing all this, do the words dry up and you start stuttering  on stage?

You think of Presentation Skills as more of Presentation Kills!!

Someone asks a query and you go BLANK

You end up viewing the audience as Hostile

As far as you are concerned, Rapport exists only in theory!!

Your palms are all sweaty or your heart is pounding away as-if there is no tomorrow!!

Your legs feel wobbly or you feel queasy in the stomach !!

Your voice quivers and you are worried if the audience will notice this!!

You just mumble the content of the slides for you want to get the hell out of there

So much so that Giving a presentation/public speaking makes you feel  uncomfortable, nervous, anxious or you simply call in sick at work

If you have experienced any of this??? and resonating with any of the case scenarios you have just read, then this course if for YOU!!

How is The Course Structured?

Its a scientifically structured course that has been modelled on E-I & NLP to give you Individualized & Optimized Results that Work for You in the field of Emotional State Management and Presentation Delivery.

Coaching Modules are designed on and not restricted to

Emotional State Management

Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

Managing Pre-Presentation Nervousness

Managing Physiological Discomfort

Ramping Up Confidence

Presentation Finesse

Mastering Stage Presence

Mastering Linguistic Patterns

Building Enduring Rapport

Audience Engagement Strategies

I wasn’t a natural born speaker, who used to sweep the audience off their feet!!  I was a reluctant speaker, the one who would look the other way whenever any opportunity presented itself.

My hands trembled and the butterflies in my stomach suddenly became all too powerful.

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