The Secret to a great Conversation, sans Tolerance

Tolerate intrinsically implies a “limit”. Imagine you are a cup and folks around you pour into the cup, their views that maybe against or diverging with your views. You tolerate. You can only tolerate to a certain extent and no more. If…

Thou Are Ordinary

Existence and its Manifestation...."Life"is Ordinary... Absolutely Ordinary...Absolutely Uniform...Yet Absolutely Unique... All trees are ordinary...All flowers are ordinary... All Fruits are Ordinary... Yet Unique intrinsically and that's…

Rewiring Your "Brain"

Man is NOT all white, rather he is Grey. Given this Man has two options, one option is to repress this reality or to acknowledge and bring in change for the better

A Quotable Quote-Shamz Tabrizi

If each day is a copy of the previous day, Oh what a pity it is -Shamz Tabrizi This saying by the Sufi Mystic Shamz Tabrizi is profound indeed. Man is Life and Life is Unpredictability... Life in One dimension is all about security, safety,…
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So Said the Buddha

In response to Kat's Twittering Tale #94 Identities come and go...the body remains the same. Identity spans a lifetime, the body spans across lives...Listen to the intelligence of the body...said the Buddha to his disciples. Character Count…

The Calm before the Storm

In response to Kat's Twittering Tale #85 – 22 May 2018 I wish I could be as calm as the river mentioned the disciple. It is the calm before the storm. When the storm hits, the river would simply dance and enjoy the storm. Hankering for one…

I often wonder "Why"

Why am I born? Why am I born to a particular set of parents? Why am I born in a particular country? Why am I labeled into a particular religion? Why am I like this and not like that? Why are others like that and not like this? Why are there…

Tender Tenterhooks

via Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks A life lived on tenterhooks is not worthwhile... Break free... we all need to find the keyhole that opens up the door to the divine, to the creative... Many key holes may reject us... we may be a misfit...But the…

Daily Prompt: Sludge it out

via Daily Prompt: Sludge The lotus blooms, but it's roots are embedded in deep sludge... If you find yourself in deep muck... simply remember...your time to blossom and bloom is probably close...not far away.... IC

A Quotable Quote - An Osho Quote

A certain darkness is needed to see the Light - Osho I recently came across this statement on a bookmark. The statement in itself is quite profound. If one stays with this, ponders on it, and sleeps with it... it seeps into you...That is what…