The "Iron" Man or the "Iron"y of Many

He has exploited most of nature… and his very own… Yet his own nature remains unknown? The potential spurt suppressed The latent burst repressed He is thus is depressed… He will talk to the medical wise… Listens…

A Cupful of Bliss

via Daily Prompt: Bliss In  Drugs....its all about forgetting  yourself.... In remember your true self.... One is available on the outer.... The other is available on the inner... One helps…

Daily Prompt: Superficial

via Daily Prompt: Superficial One may walk on water... At best it can be termed superficial.... But diving deep into the Ocean's bosom Can simply be Miraculous... IC-

Quotable Quote #3 - An empty mind is a devils workshop??

An empty mind is a devil's what is taught to many a young child.. Is the empty mind indeed the devil's workshop?? Let's try and psychologically dissect this determine if the devil can indeed be found within ;-) Man operates…

Between the Sheets!!

via Daily Prompt: Blanket If you can sleep cozily.... Tucked up in a blanket Then you have experienced Bliss..  A Deep Relaxation... Thank your stars for blessing you with the knack of sleeping right