The Human Virus called Corona

A Virus As a Service has hit us hard...Telling Mankind, Wake up you Retards!!!You play around with fireOne day I escape, and you face my ireWhether you believe or not in GodsI am ensuring that humanity is taken to the DogsYou spare no one,…

Ways to reach Heaven or Hell

In response to Kats Twittering Tale#69The challenge is : “This week, bringing back a stack of book titles for our challenge. Pick one title…or a few or all and tell me the story behind the words in 280 characters or less. See you at the…

The need for a Godly Ceasefire

Kids do talk... be it even minutes after a fight... But alas... Grown Up Kids and Even more Grown Up Gods Don't.... The Gods need a cease fire... They just don't talk.... The after effects of their cold war.... in some heavenly plane.... is…

Knock Knock!! Who is in?

via Daily Prompt: None At times, within Us... We are perhaps aware of a Some-"One"... However if Science dissects our flesh and bones Then there is None... Oh Blimey!! For Heavens sake or Hell Who am I??   IC