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The Search...The Journey

Just recall those happy, carefree and relaxed days as a kid, days lived with plenty of giggles and laughter and without a worry!! Imagine the bliss you experience on cuddling a new-born in your arms!! Or simply recall those precious…

An Ode to Death!!

We do die everyday We die bit by bit every single day We die breath by breath every passing moment and We do die fully... one fine day When the last breath decides to leave, never to return into that particular form…

Wanna Race??

Slow and steady wins the race…. is an old saying…from the wise ones… Life has its owns grace…Why bother to race…is a saying for the new generation.. A poetic attempt to convey the same… Life has its own grace… Why bother to race… Walk…

Is Life a One-Way??

via Daily Prompt: One-Way There was once a vagrant who resided near the outskirts of a village. Far enough from the eyes of the villagers and the crowd, lest they object to his presence. He had to be careful though... The outskirts of the village…

Life Math... Paradoxical Indeed

Life is a duality in the sense... that it always provides a choice... We can often commit to the known... the path well traversed... It provides a sense of Security... Or we make a choice to commit to the new... the unknown...It provides a…

Daily Prompt: Superficial

via Daily Prompt: Superficial One may walk on water... At best it can be termed superficial.... But diving deep into the Ocean's bosom Can simply be Miraculous... IC-

Daily Prompt: Pamper

via Daily Prompt: Pamper Our senses, we pamper Starting from the mild all the way to the wild Self Destructing with no end in sight!! Accept your own Light For only that is Right Let others Judge and Fight On what is your Might Just Accept…

The Heights of Peculiarity

via Daily Prompt: Peculiar Heights of Peculiarity, bordering on sheer the Human ... busy chasing a perfect Mirage...while he is the only Reality

A Tale of 2 Water Droplets

Once upon a time in a distant land, lived 2 droplets of water...leading a contended life on a leaf... But little did they realize of the impending danger that awaited them... One fine day.... a voice from the sky spoke up to the droplets....that…

Daily Prompt: Harmonize

via Daily Prompt: Harmonize Life has it's shares of Ups and Downs... If you enjoy the climb... make sure to enjoy the slide.... If you enjoy the slide... make sure to enjoy the climb as well... Simply Synchronize...Harmonize... to the wave called…