The "Iron" Man or the "Iron"y of Many

He has exploited most of nature… and his very own… Yet his own nature remains unknown? The potential spurt suppressed The latent burst repressed He is thus is depressed… He will talk to the medical wise… Listens…


Article penned by Sqn.Ldr.H Srinivasan(Retd).... It is always a pleasure for the old to ramble, when they spot a keen pair of ears to listen to them. It feels so free and friendly to banter, rather than sermonise. Whatever I offer to…

Photo Challenge: An Ascending Island

via Photo Challenge: Ascend The rise of the island(ascend) can also be viewed as the decline(descent) of the oceanic water levels.. Normally...One man's ascent is also another man's descent IC -yours truly.. Location of pic - Scotland

Daily Prompt: Superficial

via Daily Prompt: Superficial One may walk on water... At best it can be termed superficial.... But diving deep into the Ocean's bosom Can simply be Miraculous... IC-

Concentration Vs Meditation...Brothers in Arms??!!

During conversations over a Cup of Tea....with statement I have heard often is... I am no good or not that good @ Meditation... I just cannot concentrate...Get disturbed by many thoughts and noises.. So let's try and understand…

Oceanic Unmooring

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored Unmoored, I'd like to float... On the mighty ocean waves Not knowing where the waves would take me At times caressing me... At times submerging me... Experiencing the tranquillity of a deep oneness with the Ocean   Image…