Love what you DO or DO what you Love!!

Love what you DO or DO what you Love!! If the former was so easy to practice and implement, frustration would have disappeared in the lives of individuals... each individual would be a "MASTER" in the art of transformation. Is that the case? It's…

Overcoming Indecisiveness(a.k.a Procrastination)

Life is a Risk and the very nature of risk is taking a a decision. Even the simple act of a toss, before the start of any game involves risk. It may be excellent to win the toss, for the conditions are favorable to suit your strengths…but…
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Overcome Procrastination -Align with your values

In Life, each individual goes in for a trade either almost daily or with a lesser frequency be it weekly, monthly or yearly. But trade everyone does. Even if you would consider a barter system, there is a trade-off involved. Well, how then do…