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A Dog's Perspective!!

A perspective on Human Life, from a blessed Dog I sleep well on a rock...I have heard that man often fails to fall asleep on a mattressI have also heard that man often fails to sleep with a sleeping pillI ponder at times...What a funny animal…
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Daily Prompt: Nest

via Daily Prompt: Nest While Day long at work It's always nice to take some rest In your own cozy nest It need not necessarily be a bed For some of the problems are solved while you sleep over it... While some are created depending on whom…
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Waking up Blues!!4 Simple Tips to ease into your day

Starting your day on the right note or right foot, is an important activity... it often sets the mood/temperament  for the rest of the day at-least... for most of us. I personally find the first few minutes after waking up very sensitive...So…
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Between the Sheets!!

via Daily Prompt: Blanket If you can sleep cozily.... Tucked up in a blanket Then you have experienced Bliss..  A Deep Relaxation... Thank your stars for blessing you with the knack of sleeping right