A Zen-Quotable Quote #3

A Zen Saying  "No Goal But the Path"   This Zen Sutra is pregnant with profundity, with depth. One can perennially  swim in it's depth and yet reach nowhere.. Yet someone who has drunk of this sutra, has reached somewhere!! This…

Secrets of Life Unraveled through Zen!!

via Daily Prompt: Unravel A Zen Story A young energetic man wanted the answer to "what is life"... For this he travelled the globe looking for answers from many knowledgeable masters, but he wasn't convinced by their attempts to answer his…

Enhancing Your World Of Wellness - Logic Vs Emotions??

The World Is Chaotic. Restless. Turbulent beneath the Calm Can the inner world or the worlds within an individual be any different? For a World driven by cold and calculative logic....the answer is "NO". It is simply logical that it mimics…