Imagination is a good tool to possess.

It is said that “imagination is the rehearsal room of the mind”. And what you imagine for yourself, manifests!!…as imagination associates/works out of the deeper mind stored beneath the surface of the logical mind…

Consider the waves of the Ocean to be the logical mind, while the depth beneath the waves is the realm of the deeper mind…

Beneath the Turbulent Waves, lies an Oceanic Bliss

Methods are many. I have tried and condensed one such method.

Here is a brief method of using imagination as a tool for increasing a desired quality…This case we consider Relaxation

You can use any particular element of nature which you are most comfortable with, with which you are connected to… Water, Air, Space, Earth etc.

Recollect and start reliving those intimate,relaxing,blissful and joyous moments you had when connected to these elements of nature. Slow it down, enhance/amplify those wonderful feelings…dissolve yourself into those moments completely.

Here is an example on using Imagination to enhance a state of relaxation/health.

Let’s get on a journey… Just imagine yourself floating deep in space. It’s dark, absolutely dark…you can see nothing but an infinite expanse of darkness…yet is very inviting… and as you float, you realize you are on a journey to infinity…on a journey which has no beginning and no end…you just float in total silence…

You suddenly find yourself pulled into a spiral, a spiral adorned with a dim yet enchanting allure of several astral bodies…And as these dim yet mysterious lights engulf you…you find yourself sliding deeper and deeper into the abyss of this mysterious pathway…you find yourself slipping deeper and deeper into this spiral, into the mesmerizing light… dissolving into this mysterious light…totally dissolving into this light…you cease to exist…only an awareness remains…that continues to slip deeper and deeper…

And as you arise out of this spiral, you find that the astral light has rejuvenated you… You are feeling totally relaxed, calm and serene… The light of the astral bodies has blessed and healed you, and your carry this health from now on…

Hope this helps flame your imagination into an uplifting and focused direction. Enjoy the journey


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