Images are powerful…. They operate at multi-dimensional layers of the human mind ecosystem…
They evoke memories…. They bring to life… emotions
They help dissolve boundaries…They help transcend time
They also can trigger inferences and imaginations …and bring to life as many stories and interpretations as the number of viewers…
Through this particular blog post and subsequent ones, I would post a photograph and request the readers to please share the waves of thoughts, imaginations, metaphors, stories or emotions, the image triggered for each one of you.
Length of your response is not a constraint, let the thoughts simply flow. Can be brief, Can be concise.. Some may be gentle ramble… Let the thoughts and emotions triggered within …find a manifest partner through words.. Your story, Your words and Your world can be expressed in the comments section and can be re-blogged as well.
No themes, No Key words around which the story is to be built or confined… it simply knocks…tugs the viewers imagination and creativity to burst and dance with words…creating a relation more vibrant than the rainbow….


What thoughts,feelings,emotions,imaginations does this pic trigger in you?

Gazing into this snap, here are some thoughts that flowed into me….
Perhaps the dog in this pic is pondering on whether he needs to jump right or left.. The right is the wilderness…fraught with risks… with no shade…and no guarantees…but is yet closer to nature…
The left is the civilized world…shaded….hard…emanating a feeling of cold warmth, isolated yet comparatively safer…
Humans often find themselves at such a juncture…At  a border…at the cross roads…where a choice is to be made…
Now step into the “In-Decisive” mind… The great decision maker… who takes in all possible inputs from various sources.. who likes to remain with the illusion, (a.k.a believe) that all possible parameters have been considered and an informed decision has been taken….
So far so good.. But having taken a decision… the mind still continues to subject us to a series of “What If Analysis”… well after a “commit” option has been exercised…
Having jumped left… would right have been a better option?? and vice versa…
Would the road less traveled suited us more…treated us better??
No matter with what conviction the decision has been taken, undercurrents of doubts persist…An ocean absolutely calm on the surface is not bereft of strong undercurrents in its depths…
Behind every decisiveness lies/hides indecisiveness….That is why a few enlightened mystics have dubbed the “Mind as Doubt”…
Views Invited….

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  1. Flashing Thought
    Flashing Thought says:

    My name is Dickey. I don’t know why, but I like that name, Dickey… sounds nice. I am from an aristocratic and distinguished breed. My great grandfather was a hunting dog in Tippu Sultan’s army…… I am young and handsome with a dash of royalty in my blood… I can make out from the way, these stray country bitches stare at me, and wag their tails. I am quite a good looker you see. The tall gentleman with kind smiling eyes, who stays upstairs, likes my looks so much, the he would take my pictures, off and on…
    There is a saying that “A dog is man’s best friend”. When I say man it is not only man but embraces women also. I am friend of all.
    I like to sit on my post; the compound wall. I can get an all-round view of things going on. I had enough time to think, sitting there, like a sentry on the watch tower. He has to be alert. I would catch forty winks off and on, but my ears and sense of smell are sharp. By the way my working hours are day and night. No holidays. Except that when in season, I just disappear for a couple days to the football ground nearby, No, no, not to play football. You grownups can understand, some things, they are not discussed in the open…., After a couple of days i come back to my post, yes, a little tired, as you all know, but fit for duty, day and night. No offs till next season.
    There was an incident I still remember, which was the turning point in my life. It was a hot summer afternoon. I had no clue as to how long ago, but it was quite long… As I sat on my haunches at the check post, eyes drooling a wee bit, I saw a shadow from the corner of my eye. Someone was trying to climb the gate, and come into the compound. I became alert, in combat mode, and kept watching.
    The man was a rag picker. I had seen him before, but never liked him. But the watchman and he used to share a smoke together off and on.
    Something in the way the rag picker moved about, made me suspicious. The watchman was sound asleep on his chair. He had a small “talking Box” in his pocket. I did not know much about the box, but knew it was important for the watchman. Whenever the box would ring, the watchman would hold it to his ear and talk. He looked very happy, when he was talking into the box, especially to the young house maid in the balcony of the house opposite, washing clothes, and vessels.
    As I watched, I saw the rag piker pick up a small “talking box” from the watchman’s pocket. Charge Dickey, it is action time, I told myself, and with a gallop took a leap at the thief. The rag picker suddenly saw me and slashed at me with the thick stick he carried with him. I got hurt on my head, but regardless I caught his leg with my pincer jaw. The thief shouted in pain, and the watchman woke up to the melee. He, along with the people who gathered took the thief away. I had a cut on my head which was bleeding a little, but I did not bother about it. I have had my share of fights in the football field and this was nothing. The residents pampered me with eatables, and praises. I became a hero.
    The watchman became my good friend. People passing by call me by my name and greet me. All this is good, but I remain the same. What I did was my duty. My needs are simple, some food to eat, and a place to sleep and most important is love and respect………which a soldier wants.


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