Imagine that you need to catch an early morning 5 am flight!!

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You decide that you need to leave at 3 am. You pat yourself for the good planning. Suddenly the mind throws up a query?

What if the taxi doesn’t turn up?

You tell yourself think positive and reaffirm meekly that yes the taxi will come.

Phew!! That was close, you think and are about to retire to catch some much needed sleep, when suddenly a voice pops out

What if the taxi breaks down?

Your imagination breaks through the positive thinking barrier and you are suddenly flooded with all god forbidden images

Stranded with a sinking feeling??

After a nightmarish next few moments, you snap out, sleep having receded further, wiping your forehead perhaps, barely having survived the ordeal when the mind suddenly springs another query

What if the flight crashes??

Fighting this, you crash, feeling restless, anxious, fidgety and nervous!! Sleep now being a bygone…

When, where and how do you stop over thinking?

Unfortunately, no one size fits all. It is a metric that each individual has to arrive at themselves. For one man’s adequate planning may be insufficient for another!!So where exactly is the line to be drawn?

Imagination drives our mind and quite frankly there is no end to What-Ifs.

A simple mechanism is to develop a 2-3 step iteration and stop. Anything further than that normally contributes to Anxiety.

The drop cannot control the Ocean, nor can the part control the whole!! Life is a Risk, so Live the Risk. Being Brave happens of its own accord.

Mind-Maps to Manage Anxiety. Created using Free Mind

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