Imagine a situation wherein you have been playing joyfully in a gentle stream for years together… You perhaps learned to swim in this stream as a toddler, but as you grew up you could wade through it…
The stream was your world, safe and gentle

Simple were the days

Then one fine day, the stream merges itself into the ocean or opens up to the ocean… The vast gigantic and majestic ocean, the royal blue ocean… many many times bigger… it seems as if the ocean engulfs the earth…

The mind immediately wants to explore every nook and corner of this ocean, explore the infinite depths, to swim and float in its enticing waters in every possible direction, and drink of its every drop it has to offer…


This is what happens at adolescence. But natural. Call it the irony of life or the conditioning of society, the adolescent is expected to focus and maintain a straw-like approach in the Ocean !!!

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