During conversations over a Cup of Tea….with colleagues…one statement I have heard often is…
I am no good or not that good @ Meditation… I just cannot concentrate…Get disturbed by many thoughts and noises..

So let’s try and understand the areas…the clouds around meditation and concentration…After all, everything hovers around clouds isn’t it..(from technology to heaven!!)
First let’s focus on Concentration, lets drill deep into Concentration…Concentration is a deep narrowing….of precision focus… It involves the mind…The resources of the mind are utilized intensely and dedicatedly for a certain period of time.. It’s a sort of funnelling effect.


A Narrowing Down

No wonder one feels exhausted after a period of time.
It’s akin to the ocean narrowing down and singling out a drop!!
Children and Adults, for example, are labelled as “Achievers” based on their concentration capacity!!
Having focused real hard to explain concentration… I am all exhausted ;-)
So now go. relax and get back to Meditation… Are there any pre-requisites for Meditation… You bet there is…The pre-requisite is Thoughts!!
Thoughts are your friends… They are needed for Meditation.They are a pre-requisite for meditation. Without them, the novice cannot progress…So welcome thoughts and their imagery and simply listen to all noises that your neighbours, the birds, the Cats and Dogs, and Wind have to offer…Let their noisy musical… enrich your meditation!!
At the initial stages of relaxation….thoughts entertain us… Some comical, some adult, some pious, some religious, some comparisonal thoughts… all serve us… with only one purpose… to help us deeper into meditation…all thoughts are welcome…none are to be shunned…This is the Key!!
After all, thoughts are transient… Here today, gone the next second or tomorrow perhaps!! Just like floating clouds… Some thoughts do possess a lot of weight or emotion perhaps just like a monstrous black cloud filled with thunder, and coupled with lightning… but once expressed, they too dissolve…disappear…
Let thoughts come, Let Thoughts go..You simply watch them…Just like a slide show on a movie screen..In fact, once this art is developed with a very relaxed approach, a very light-hearted and jolly approach… Relaxation happens and deepens…with infinity being the only limit… A Space descends of its own accord…which is beyond the mind….
It’s akin to a drop expanding into the Ocean…

Relaxation – A bottoms up journey from the base of the funnel..An expansion…

So, the next time…when a lot of stuff happens over coffee or tea… and this is the topic… do remember that if thoughts bug you during relaxation/meditation, its good…it confirms that you are indeed human(not a robot afterall!!) and the path is the right one too…Walk the path and enjoy the journey… forget all about goals… for where is the destination on an infinite journey!!

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  1. DeepikasRamblings
    DeepikasRamblings says:

    Well written Karthik.. The more you try to shun the thoughts, they revisit you with a bang.. Like the king who was asked not to think of a monkey while praying and all he could think while praying, was a MONKEY .. :)

  2. Flashing Thought
    Flashing Thought says:

    Simply explained. The analogy of the ocean and the drop, and the drop and ocean says it all.
    Meditation is the most commonly used word, yet it is difficult to fathom the meaning of it.
    Karthik, you have experienced the drop and the ocean.


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