The Chinese Covid-19 has come and will go… This too shall pass…Till then stay safe, stay home. “It cannot happen to me” is a belief that some accident victims have typically carried…

Death is at a heightened rate, closer to us, perhaps there is danger just around the corner.. suddenly we appreciate the value of Life… Suddenly we feel more alert and alive…and a deeper connect to the meaning of life, a deeper ponderance happens of its own accord.

Between people, all the faults and differences suddenly drop and wither away and the feelings we share become more intense and valued. Calamities and war tend to bring people closer.
In times like these, it is always recommended to pause and ponder, assess and reassess.

Thinker, Thinking, Person, Idea

A few assessment queries below can assist in this regard

  • As an entrepreneur/leader/creative individual, would you want your business to end with you?
  • If no, what are the best processes you have incorporated, that people continue to grow and prosper through you vision, even after your time?
  • If processes are not charted, how soon would you want to implement these processes? Remember that an individual with a leadership mindset empowers rather than create a dependency.
  • If you suddenly become invisible and inaudible at home and work, do you still have the assurance the processes will take care of themselves, even in your absence?
  • How would you want people to remember you after your time? What values would you leave behind for them to cherish??
  • How and when are you deploying your values in your personal ecosphere??
  • What about your personal goals??
  • Your business and wealth is only one fragment of your life. In non business areas, how are you expressing your creativity??

Ponder over these… Chew on it… There may be a societal lock down … However invite yourself to spend time with your self. Your brain and thinking faculties are not locked down.

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