A workshop on Music Therapy was conducted in Mysore on 3.3.17. The Audience were explained about how rhythm forms an explicit component of not only music but, the human body-mind too, in the form of heart beat, pulse and so on. The audience showed a great response by joining me, in bhajans and group chants.
Here are the glimpses of the event.

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  1. Karthik
    Karthik says:

    It was a memorable evening on the 3rd March 2017, that we all had with Vinaya Karthik Rao performing as the lead vocalist in Our community Hall in Geeta Road,
    Mysore. The Hall, was full, with neighborhood residents who felt enthralled to an hour and a half of music by Vocalist Vinaya Rao.
    As she sang her devotional songs the audience went into,a trance. A remarkable delivery was that she carried the audience together by making them sing the Bhajans in chorus, increasing her beats in calibrated measure, giving the audience a thrill of participation and ecstasy. And then she related the rhythm of the music with the rhythm of the heart beat , and explained how music could play a curative role. For many in the audience it was amongst their first lessons in music therapy , and with the memories fresh in their mind, they are looking forward for occasions when they could have a repeat performance.
    We hope Vinaya will give many such performances in the near future and set a lead in delivering the benefits of music therapy for the community.
    Vinaya is captivating, with her rare talent , her natural endowments, , and commitments to the welfare of Society.
    Testimonial as sent by
    Dr. H.S. Rao
    Ex- CHairman/Managing Director, NRDC, Dept of Science and Technology, New Delhi

  2. H R Rao
    H R Rao says:

    Hi Vinaya Karthick, We were very fortunate to be present at THE MERIDIAN in Mysore on that eventful day when you explained to us / the audience “What Music & certain RAAGAs can do to our Body Mind & Soul”…
    Until then we had only heard or read about the Raaga which caused rain
    { Akbar–Tansen era/ episode} & that certain Raagas can make the plants & trees to yield more flowers & fruits & also the cattle will give more milk easily & that Plants, trees, animals & birds too respond to MUSIC..
    But on that day, we really experienced PEACE , or shall we say TOTAL CALMNESS while hearing your composition under your guidance .. The OM session thereafter was wonderful too. As one in the audience rightly said YOU TOOK US ALL TO A DIFFERENT WORLD ALL TOGETHER ! .
    You really demonstrated the EFFECT OF MUSIC on our minds & feelings.
    We wholeheartedly thank you & do pray that you will involve us in your future programmes also..
    Radha & Suva

  3. gururaghavendrasevashrama
    gururaghavendrasevashrama says:

    “Informal like minded audience, strumming their guitars within the hideout of their hearts” is how i would sum up the performance of Vinaya Karthik Rao..
    Luckily i got a ring side view of the artist and the audience. Try to get one yourself next time you go to a music performance.. Then you become one with the singer and float with the flow.
    I like informal music sessions. There are no bow ties or stiff collars.Tilt the chairs for a better view. If you can gel with the charm of the singer, with the melody of the tune, you are airborne..
    Vinaya has a special gift that goes with her music. She becomes a part of the audience and shepherds them into her tunes. She talks about what she is going to sing, explains the intricacies, the beats and the grammar of the composition. The assemblage is happy and gets involved. The show goes on, a feast for the hungry.ears.
    Showman (woman) ship, ease of delivery with,voice and talent to match, and a smile that lights up………,, Vinaya is a Kaushiki Chakravarti in the making..
    Keep singing Vinaya,…. we are with you.


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