For a moment,lets go with the view that God exists Not!!

Would your problems disappear? Obviously Not.

For a moment, lets go with the view that God Exists!!

Would your problems disappear? Obviously Not!!

So problems are more eternal than God!!

It also infers that God has nothing to do with our problems. It is we who have created the problems. What has God got to do with it?

Mankind has created problems, he has brought earth on the verge of destruction. Destroyed water bodies, destroyed green cover, destroyed air quality, almost ready to destroy the world with Nuclear Arsenal and is GOD expected to solve these problems??

Photography of Factory
Four Soldiers Carrying Rifles Near Helicopter Under Blue Sky

Lets Keep God aside for the moment, whether he exists or not is irrelevant!! If Mankind has got the intelligence to create problems, surely he has the intelligence to solve problems as well…

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