All of us think between polarities. All people either think for something or think against something…


There is nothing right or wrong with it…nothing positive or negative about it… It is simply the way our minds are predominantly wired to think in a particular manner…a particular style…

For ex, one has an early morning flight to catch… He can think about it or visualize in two ways

One is he visualizes that he is on time for the flight and has a very relaxed check-in…


An on time departure

The other is he visualizes that he is behind schedule, there is a break down en-route, he literally pleads with the staff to let him through…Folks tend to qualify and quantify this as negative thinking…

All I would say is that this too is perfectly fine…nothing wrong with this sort of thinking either. It just has one additional step/process involved… and that is “what is the positive intention behind this”? What is the positive intention behind scaring the living daylights out of you…behind throwing up these nightmares??

The answer is simple… “It doesn’t want you to be late…It wants you to be on time”…

Once you understand this, positive thinking or negative thinking loses all relevance… Only thinking exists…


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  1. DeepikasRamblings
    DeepikasRamblings says:

    Hmmm…I dont think I would really agree with this Karthik. While in the first scenario a person senses that there might be hurdles on the way to take a flight, he budgets for that and accordingly leaves. In a sense, he is actually a positive person but takes care of that hurdle which could occur.
    In the second case, the person is visualizing all pitfalls enroute, pleading with the staff etc, is visualizing and thinking only negatively. His mind plays along and he gets what he thinks.
    It doesn’t want you to be late and wants you to be on time echoes more with the first case.
    Well, just expressed my thoughts… :)


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