via Daily Prompt: Later
Thanks for Dropping By…
However… Sunday
is a day of rest and wellness…
Do drop in Later
for blogs
to keep you alive
especially on Monday Mornings
and week-days

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  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama
    gururaghavendrasevashrama says:

    Hey you are taking me back on to my good old days, to a hit song of the 1960s by Connie Francis. Seek your indulgence for sharing old memories of the cadet’s days in NDA, listening to the old HMV gramophone.
    Here is how it goes
    “Oh, you can kiss me on a Monday a Monday a Monday
    Is very very good
    Or you can kiss me on a Tuesday a Tuesday a Tuesday
    In fact I wish you would
    Or you can kiss me on a Wednesday a Thursday
    A Friday and Saturday is best
    But never ever on a Sunday a Sunday a Sunday
    Cause that’s my day of rest”


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