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Growth – The only constant…
The below fruit is called a Jackfruit, commonly found in Southern India (Kerala & Southern Karnataka) in India. The below image is of an Infant Jackfruit… in it’s nascent stage of growth..
When it matures, it requires strong arms to lift one.
It’s often used to prepare a wide range of delicacies… from Papadums, to gravy, to its soft flesh being eaten raw…


Nascent Jackfruits…at different stages of growth

More information about the “Jackfruit” is available at

A fully grown Jackfruit

IC – Yours truly & wikipedia

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    • Team Wellness
      Team Wellness says:

      Yeah Robert… it’s quite deceptive in its appearance.. it’s hard and prickly exterior is quite a contrast to the soft pulpy pieces on the inside, when fully ripened..
      Folks normally tend to love or hate the taste of the ripened fruit.. depends on one’s taste buds ?


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