Images are powerful…. They operate at multi-dimensional layers of the human mind ecosystem…
They evoke memories…. They bring to life… emotions
They help dissolve boundaries…They help transcend time
They also can trigger inferences and imaginations …and bring to life as many stories and interpretations as the number of viewers…
Through this particular blog post and subsequent ones, I would post a photograph and request the readers to please share the waves of thoughts, imaginations, metaphors, stories or emotions, the image triggered for each one of you.
Length of your response is not a constraint, let the thoughts simply flow. Can be brief, Can be concise.. Some may be gentle ramble… Let the thoughts and emotions triggered within …find a manifest partner through words.. Your story, Your words and Your world can be expressed in the comments section and can be re-blogged as well.
No themes, No Key words around which the story is to be built or confined… it simply knocks…tugs the viewers imagination and creativity to burst and dance with words…creating a relation more vibrant than the rainbow….


What thoughts does this image trigger in You? Please share..

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