Science and Religion aren’t separate. As a matter of fact, it is often Science that invokes religion, heaven and hell or at-least forces one to ponder upon them!!

Not sure yet?? Read on further to dispel any doubts…

Just friends were they

The bonding grew…

A Chemistry happened…

Physics was simmering beside the corner

Trust led to a manic thrust

Birthing a Force in their very crust!!

With Biology playing it’s role to the hilt

It was now the chance of religion to cause a tilt

Holy Jesus!! How the hell could this have happened??

One Plus One = Equals Three

In moments of being Carefree!!

Finally, Maths decides to step in

Bringing in Finances, Cash Flows and Pins

Welcome to the Grind

of Mankind!!

A Concoction of Physics, Biology & Chemistry

Combining to create such a Mystery!!

At times,the path to the invisible is often through the Visible…

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