Imagine a factory setup.
Rows and Rows of machines, working with precision and accuracy, 24/7 as is the norm now-a-days…
Mission critical tools run on them…and it is important that they are “Serviced” regularly…During such service outages, there is normally a redundant/back up machine to keep the goods rolling…

Well, that’s plenty of industry jargon!!! Isn’t it??
The point is Heavy Duty Machinery in Industries get their much deserved rest… But what about another heavy duty machinery that we all carry… Yeah you guessed it right… It’s our Stomach…


Today’s busy lifestyles demand deadlines and goals to be met.. It’s often a make or break situation. Eating habits are scattered… and Chemically Processed//Packaged food and Aerated Beverages are the norm…lest the deadline leaves one dead…
Day in Day Out…24/7.. The stomach and its auxiliaries do some heavy duty work just like the Machines, to literally help us poop and process the heavy duty stuff we consume…Under eating, over eating, scattered eating…we do a lot of crazy things when it comes to eating…and all these habits do take a toll on your tummy and health!!
The lucky Machines at-least get a much deserved rest.. Down for maintenance!!


But have we ever spared a thought for our stomach?? Anything that happens out of sight is normally out of mind, right?? We normally end up turning a blind eye to the internal mechanics of our tummy….
For a few moments..can we set aside the logic and connect…not on FB or WA… but with our tummy?? Can we massage our tummy and whilst doing so, literally thank it… Can we slow down.. and low down on our good old tummy


For those who have the time and gut to stomach this ;) , here is a suggestion to simply connect with your body and your-self…It’s after all an organic part of you!!
Go Organic, Go Green, Go Salad,Go Herbal, Go Fruits, Go Liquid(Water or home made fresh fruit juice only) for one day of the week… A Sunday perhaps… or any day of the week that suits you fine…

A day when you literally reduce the workload of your stomach from heavy duty processing.. Give it some maintenance time..some recuperation time…Your body has infinite wisdom, maturity and intelligence. It will thank you in many silent ways…provided we do not interfere :)
Welcome to the World of Wellness… It’s your birthright….
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  1. Flashing Thought
    Flashing Thought says:

    great idea to give brother tummy a day of rest at regular intervals.
    How about ekadashi, a day of fasting ritually,……. once in a fortnight. Precisely on the 11th day of full moon followed by 11th day of the new moon..
    you inspire me for great things. Thanks


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