via Daily Prompt: Measure
YOU are a treasure..
But be aware..
Never, ever let Society
tag you with a measure
and for Gods sake or the Devil’s
don’t get identified with the tag
For a society to stay relevant, it needs to measure… It needs to tag/ label and sell…Winners, Victors, Achievers, Go-Getters, Leaders,Tycoons, Intellectuals,Special… Extra-Ordinary…No place for the Ordinary…
For example, it measures wealth, poverty, intelligence, beauty,size, weapons,color, manipulation and many more..continuously grouping and tagging and labeling and setting benchmarks for folks to conquer.. At any given point of time, it is in a state of continuous measure..
But benchmarks are deceptive!!


!!Get the Point!!…

Can you ever Match or Catch Expectations… Societal or Otherwise..
A Sine wave example for better understanding…
When individual performance… evaluation… acceptance or behavior (in blue line) is not in phase…lags.. with respect to ” Societal Expectations”:as depicted below in Red line… its a Hangover Time.. A time of feeling not good enough… A Time..perhaps when “All Eyes” look down upon You”…One perhaps ends up a Confused Concoction..All hazy..

Hangover phase... guilt phase...Condemnatory phase... Courtesy

Always in Sight!! Yet just out of Reach!!A Lifelong Phenomenon!!

Society demands an imperfect world!!
Let’s try and understand more about our Individuality..our Uniqueness, against this Societal Backdrop…
Below is the fit of each individual against the “IDEAL” Sine wave(the smooth black wave below)….You are your own perfection…perfectly imperfect :)
A perfect Mismatch....Welcome to Life...

Drop the Measure and Rejoice..You are What You Are!!

In realizing your imperfection… in accepting your imperfection… you have stumbled upon a liberating force…that the perfect wave is the one that “YOU” are..of whatever pattern and shape(ref the blue and red patterns).
Not the one that society projects or sells onto you….(the smooth black wave) through religion, manners, ideals, expectations and what not!!

Welcome to the World Of Wellness :)

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