Typically, learning happens by contrast.

Having seen the black, it becomes easier to understand white

Having experienced the pain, it becomes easier to value joy

With regards to mindset as well, it is this contrast that will help us view “flexibility” from a rational podium

Once upon a time, it was believed by the church that the earth is flat. Sailors were discouraged to sail the oceans as it was believed that the sea would end somewhere and they would fall into “infinite hell”

Once upon a time it was believed that as soon as the husband dies, the wife needs to walk into a burning pyre. That was the only option available to the ladies,till Raja Ram Mohan Roy decided to challenge this fixed mindset (aka belief).

Burning Firewoods

There are many more instances in mankind’s history replete with the dangers of fixed mindset. Even more dangerous is the trend when these mindsets are adopted as a religious practice/ritual.

Man though independent is also dependent on society. And such beliefs/mindsets funneled onto Man are a recipe for disaster. Even logic fails and falls in front of these fixed mindset beliefs!! Rather, starting from being rational facilitates flexibility to follow of its own accord!!

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